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CNC Router Design Overview

Here are the major components, with the wood frame design as seen in the image below. I am using Fusion 360 for the modeling and design simulations. I’m very impressed with the capabilities of Fusion 360, being that it is free for hobby use. I do run into quite a few bugs, but I can’t complain for the price I’m paying! Also, they are continuously improving, rolling out updates, and they respond in a timely manner to inquiries on their support forums.

  • HIWIN HGR15 linear profile rails (X=1200mm, Y=800mm, Z=350mm)
  • HIWIN HGH15CAZAH bearing blocks on Y axis
  • HIWIN HGW15CCZAH bearing blocks on X and Z axis
  • Ballscrews: 1204 on Z Axis, 1610 on X and Y axis
  • BK/BF 10/12 supports for all screws
  • NEMA23 381 oz-in stepper motors (4 total, 2 on X-axis)
  • Gecko G540 stepper drivers
  • 48 vdc power supply
  • Mounts for DeWalt DWP611 (shown) and DW618 routers
  • Linux CNC control software

The frame components and the machine base use a torsion box design and will be made from birch plywood and MDF webs.

DIY CNC Router Prototype