Dust Shoe – 80 mm Spindle – Digital Design Files Only


Dust Shoe Design Files for 3D printing or modification. Designed for 80 mm water cooled spindle bodies and 2.25″ vacuum hose connection. Note that you may need to update the spindle mount diameter in the STP file for your specific spindle.


This is the digital design files for making our CNC Router Dust Shoe. Send the STL files directly to your 3D printer, or modify the STEP files first to meet your needs. This design is for a generic water cooled 2.2 kW spindle. Air cooled will have different mounting diameter and require a simple diameter change in the STEP file.

Files included:

  • STEP files for each component
  • STL files for each component
  • Hardware parts list with sources

The dust shoe is a tool-less, fully adjustable, high flow dust shoe for CNC router dust collection. For use with 2.25″ shop vac fittings and 2.5″ dust collection hose. Quick removal and height adjustment. Quick change magnetic dust brushes with multiple length brushes. It also works well without the brushes installed. The flow path has the proper cross-sectional area to ensure airflow is not impeded.